Motivational Monday: 4 Quick Tips For Resetting Your Joy When It All Goes Wrong

Things didn't turn outside how you plotted them. You may be feeling shock, surprise, rage, overwhelm, confusion, dread, frustration, grief, worry, or sadness about how things went so terribly incorrect. Rationally, you know that the longer you dwell on what you don't desire makes more of what you don't desire however this one was a doozy. How are you supposed to pick up your joy from the floor before the dust has settled? Okay, perhaps it's not all that terrible however you are really emotionally attached to what is going on. You don't really desire to be upset. This was a wonderful day before things went incorrect. If you knew how, you would place all of this behind you and go on however those feelings don't seem to be going away. Here are 4 quick tips for resetting your joy when it all goes incorrect.
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