You think you sleep enough? You Probably Sleep Less Than YouThink

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People, you, moan a lot. What do we complain about especially?

We complain that we are not able to get sufficient rest. We complain that we are tired when we get up. We bitch and moan if anyone tries to talk to us before we drink our first coffee in the am.

We likewise complain that we work too much to earn enough money, that there are not 25 hours in a day, that we do not get everything finished that we thought we would.

We never actually stop and measure the exact length of time we actually sleep, or the length of time we effectively work.

You'll be surprised to find out that you work less than you think, and you sleep less time than you believed you slept.

A research by researchers from the University of Chicago conducted a research to learn what is the reality about our primary complaints, regarding the amount of time we spend really resting, and the time we spend, actually working.

The test subjects of the study were women 38 and 50 years old. The participants were volunteers. The participants were equipped with a monitor, a sensitive movement detector placed on the wrist, that the subjects were wearing continuiously, for 24 hours a day.

The data received from the sensors, contained true information showing how much time the participants were asleep, how much time they were awake in bed before and after sleep. That data then were cross-referenced with the notes each participant wrote outlining the same data.

The final results were rather unexpected.

Most of the individuals spent more time doing work, or doing stuff, than sleeping.

Beyond that we discovered that white women slept more than the black women.

Caucasian women slept an average 6 hours and 42 minutes a night. They dropped off faster, they fell asleep in about 13 minutes. The total time they stayed in bed was around eight hours. they said the had a better quality of sleep overall.

Black women slept 90 minutes less than the white women, only 5 hours and 6 minutes a night. It also took them much longer, 36 minutes to drop off to sleep, They spent seven hours in bed and had troubled, less restful sleep.

It turns out that getting more sleep improves your performance at work, both your ability to think, and your ability to make substantially less mistakes whether it's dexterity, or precision in thinking.

It was also found that people with better finances slept the longest a night, while people with less income slept the minimum ... which makes sense. People who have more income may have less problems, or they may have more control over their bedrooms and times.

What was before, the chicken or the egg ? did they make more money because they got more time to sleep, or the other way around?

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