Divine Meaning, How to Know God?

These are tough times. And many of us are feeling it in our wallets. But .. No matter how tough times are, we can't forget the basics. And the subject definitely is one of the basics. And, without the basics taken care of, how can you get started?
Below is one of the best articles we have ever read on the subject. It lays everything out nicely, it's easy to read, and, understand, it touches on all of the key issues, and, best of all, when you have finished reading it, you will definitely know which is a very good direction to take given your circumstances.For human beings, combining the like and logic has always been dense. We can objectively study logic, however not like. To know like, we must transcend objectivity and capture aid of subjective understanding. Here knowing divine becomes a subjective, personal, or emotional familiarity; either you have it or not. Here is an ancient tale that Prem Rawat or Maharaji shares with seekers of self-knowledge to commence them on this path. Doubt or Devotion There was an owl sitting on a tree that had just woken up. It was dark all encircling except for the blaze coming from the stars. Suddenly he saw a swan landed on a branch of the tree fair following to him. Swan was a small frustrated and muttering a hardly any words, expressing frustration on what went on throughout the day. Owl, watching quietly, questioned him about why he was so frustrated. Swan said, "You know, I started this morning when Sun was just rising. I thought I would reach here by the sunset. Nevertheless, gaze, it is already so late. I demand rest before I commence my journey again in the morning." More information: click hereThis is by far one of the best articles we have seen recently. We hope you enjoyed reading it. Each year it seems that somebody comes out with a new take on an old problem, however, this is the most interesting way to look at it that we have found.

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