Did Vishen Lakhiani hack spirituality? Or pseudo spirituality with his Become Unlimited program?

Vishen Lakhiani hacked spirituality... vishen lakhiani hacked spiritualitybut can someone penetrate spirituality on a low vibrational level? That is the real question that needs to get answers.

Most programs that were created by low vibration gurus and teachers look good, promise much, but deliver close to nothing.

My hunch that this method, because it comes from low vibration people that crave and yearn for and want want want what they want... i.e. greed for success, and maybe even spirituality, will not work for most people...

But why? because the beings, the states of beings that the method evokes are blockages to flow, and therefore they block even the flow that was possible before the method.

So there you have it... bummer, right?

Check out Vishen Lakhiani's Becoming Limitless... it is a $1 workshop... Make your own decisions.