Perfection in Healing Hidden Self

Perfection is fake, improvement is real.

Each individual has fears, obsessions, desires which are a his or her own personal feelings. These are different from others who are a part of this universe. Freud has mentioned in his psychoanalytical study that every human being, since the time he is born undergoes a lot of suppression and repression. This suppression is exercised by society. Since, society consists of people it has agents which from generation to generation forward the rules and social customs which bind the individual.

Culture and religion together make stringent customs which every individual has to follow of he has to survive. Survival is not as a biological condition but survival in the society. Man is a social being and needs people around him. He cannot survive in seclusion. But living in society costs him much as he needs to sacrifice his desires and dreams.

Human mind has strength to endure as much hardship as possible but it is sensitive to all what it observes feels and experiences. The experiences of life are collected in the memory house of the mind and often project themselves when a similar situation is faced again. These experiences are concerned with all aspects of life.

Love is one experience, which fills the heart with passion, compassion and gratitude. It is considered as most divine emotion. But it is always opposed by the customs of the society. Youngsters often fall in love and when they fail to attain their love, they get frustrated.

Cause of frustration can be many. Apart from love, it can be non-fulfillment of desires to acquire a thing or accomplishment. People always want to be praised by others. They want to be a centre of attraction always. To be recognized among a large gathering is an accomplishment which human beings have right from childhood continue have till they are old. In wake of becoming famous one starts viewing oneself in a way the others define them. This is a common problem among youngsters who look up to their stars and start identifying themselves with them. The image occupies their mind in such a way that they are obsessed with every thing their favorite stars do. Even they start making themselves according to the image to which they are attracted. This is wrong as God has made every individual with different virtues, which make him stand out in the crowd of thousands. One needs to acknowledge the difference and try to maintain his identity. If every human being would be same than the world will lose its beauty. One should respect oneself. Often people fail to acknowledge this fact and degrade themselves in their eyes. This shows that the person is not having confidence. If one cannot respect oneself that means he or she is creating a ditch for himself/herself in which he or she will keep falling.

Such an act can make life hell for you. So, if you are actually having a feeling that you are not good or perfect, then you should try to get this out of your mind. In such a case, try to discover your positive points. List down these points, this will boost your confidence. In such an analysis, you can take help of your friends as they will be able to help in discovering those hidden virtues, which you have been overlooking.

Public opinion can be positive and negative also. So, do not take words of people around you seriously. Mind you! I mean people not friends. Friends will always tell you things, which are true. But remember keep their suggestions in mind and improve your self. If you have been for long neglecting your studies and your friends are warning about the next week mathematics class text, do not ignore.

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