Perceptions in Higher States of Consciousness

We have insights, which develop from our awareness, thus the things we observe, hear, and are taught. These acuities make up our future understanding. The way we discern at the time is the way we perceive. The prime minister of our discernments comes strictly from observational learning.

Our perceptions make up our views, opinions, images, slants, sensitivity, experiences et cetera.

For example, if you see someone smoking a cigarette, yet telling you that smoking is bad for your health, thus if this occurs at a young age, you may smoke because your observation said more than the person's words. Body language, expressions and our observation often say more than any words.

Therefore, your perceptions must be clearly understood and reformed before you can venture into Higher States of Consciousness. You will need to alter some of your perceptions to clear up obstacles that will stand in your way from Higher States of Consciousness.

We see violence, nudity, sex, et cetera every day on television, or we hear it on the news or radio. Remember, your perceptions are developed from observational learning, hearing, listening, et cetera. However, what you turn these perceptions to become is based on your beliefs.

Commonsense tells us that nudity, violence, and sexually explicit observation is against the Law of Nature's. Yet, many people will engage in this poor choice of activities, simply because they observe everyone else doing it, thus thinking it is normal.

We must adapt our mind to a new way of thinking to heal the hidden self. You cannot have bad habits, poor behaviors, or take in any such activities that affect the way you perceive.

You can change the way you perceive by visiting your subliminal mind. Pay a visit to this mind often and you will go along way in Higher States of Consciousness.

In the subliminal mind, we can extract subliminal messages, which are delivered under the human conscious and its threshold of perceptions. Sometimes these messages produce imagery. Our subliminal perceptions occur from stimuli, which mostly the average human has no aware of these messages received.

By using self-examining tools and self-talk you can connect with this area of your brain. You can discover hidden messages in this region of your mind that will help you understand the "why's, when's, where's, how's, and who's," instigated the start of your perceptions. For instance, you may have a bad habit and not understand where this habit formed.

Perhaps you bite your nails. In your history, you may have acknowledged someone with a similar nervous condition, biting his or her nails. Thus, through observation you may have developed the habit yourself. By exploring your subliminal mind you can learn why you bite your nails.

When you decide to delve into your subliminal mind, you will need to practice each day to discover something new. If you let up on learning, your memories will continue to bury inside your mind. You want to explore the secrets your subliminal mind holds, rather than allow these thoughts to escape you.

Take some time to learn the benefits for self-talk. Self-talk can help you with the processes of studying the subliminal mind. By no means, is studying the subliminal mind easy, but if you dig deep, practice, and continue to explore what your mind holds, thus you will make world's record in finding answers by connecting with the subliminal mind.

Most people fear this process. Let go of your fears to heal the hidden self by studying the subliminal mind. Go online today to learn the procedures, techniques, et cetera that can assist you with learning about you.

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