Search in Higher States of Consciousness

Search yourself not others

You talk to many people in a day but have you ever talked to your self. Some people say you are smart but for others you can be ugly. You are not just, what you look like but there is something beyond of your outer personality. People join personality development courses; spend lot of money on their hairstyles, cloths and so on. However, not all these things go in vain if you are heart is beautiful.

Hidden self is determined by your inner consciousness. One has many hidden personalities about which they themselves are not aware of. These personalities come out only when we express our feelings. To understand our own feelings one has to talk to himself. We can run big companies and can solve big calculations but when it comes to solving our own problems, it becomes very difficult for us.

It is well said that the greed of human beings has no ends. When you have small house to live then you have a desire of big house but when you get that big house, you want something more. This is common with everybody because that is how human nature works. We think we want this and that but actually, we want some peace and joy from life. People are not happy and they keep fighting with themselves not because of their failures but because of others success.

The words like anger, sad, depressed and failures have become part of our life. Some time we feel very low and want to finish ourselves but on some other day, we laugh so much that, we feel we are on top. We think we our very strong but look at yourself are you strong. In addition, give yourself an honest answer.

One cannot achieve anything until he is dependent on others. More than ones talent what work is right attitude and confidence. So change your approach and see the world with eyes of your heart. If the person is happy then everything around him seems beautiful because beauty lies in the eyes of a person. In everybody's life some fortunate and unfortunate incidents take place learn from all these incidents as they can teach you the real worth of life.

If one some one start his work with negative thoughts then he will never able to achieve success. Negative thoughts are your worst enemies so never let these thoughts come between your ways. Most of the problems arise because we think negative and when your mind is full of all these tensions and burden then how can you do anything in your life. Instead of loving others and materialistic things in life love yourself. Realize you are potential and win the real race of life.
When you do not get what you want you blame your destiny but one should not forget that god help those who help themselves. Eyes are the mirror of ones inner consciousness so nourish your inner consciousness with good thoughts, love, and compassion, which will show brightness in your life.

The best way to love yourself is to encourage yourself and to keep faith on you. Until and unless you will not trust your self then how can you expect anything from others. Nothing works better than healing yourself. You do not need any medicines or any development classes but you need to give respect, love and faith to your inner consciousness. If the person is strong in his thoughts then he can face any difficult challenge of his life. Therefore, start your life journey again by making your inner consciousness as your best friend and enjoy the real joy of life.

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