Transformation in Higher States of Consciousness

Ways for transformation of your inner self

Self-awareness, self-disclosure and self-acceptance together contribute to the development of the hidden inner self that lies within each one of us. These help in carrying on the relationships in life and broaden the horizon of a human being to understand the situations and problems of life in a better way.

Self-awareness refers to the understanding of our inner-self. This is also intricately linked with the concept of self-consciousness. This means analyzing of one's own personality and recognizing its identity. It enables an individual to know his strengths and weaknesses and work on it to improve his inner self. This is what guides his perspective and action of everyday life.

Self-will is another factor that helps an individual a great deal in the improvement of his self. Only a strong will power objectively analyzes oneself and furthermore making an effort to bring about a transformation in one's personality can help in self-will. Knowing the ways of self-healing will not be of any aid if an individual does not have the will to stick to his goals in achieving success and development in life.

Though acceptance of one's own mistake is not an easy task, but once it is recognized it can lead to a great transformation. After this self-acceptance, an individual will honestly make an effort not to repeat his mistake, which will make him a better person.

Open-self, hidden-self, blind-self and unknown-self adds up to help in self-disclosure of a human being which further aids in forging a connection with the higher inner-self.

Open-self is a part of one's self that we are conscious of and this is how we present ourselves to others. On the other hand, hidden self is another division of our self that we are unaware of, but it is something that is known to others. Last but not the least, is the unknown self. This is the most mysterious fraction of our inner self, as this is not known to either the individual himself or to others. However, the composition of these elements may differ from one individual to another. However, the more is the composition of open self, the more we are moving close to self-disclosure.
This is because it is a tendency of man to reveal only his positive self to other people and often hide the negativities in his personality. Therefore, if a person will have more of his open self then, this would mean that he has less to hide. In other words, he has fewer negative characteristics that he should hide from the world. Self-disclosure will thus encourage communication with other people and expressing ourselves to others.

Self-disclosure can also be risky at times, as the people might take advantage of a person who is threatened by rejection or judgment, some may also misinterpret talking positive about oneself as being proud as a person. However, this does not matter that much as the more a person will have his open self, the better conversationalist he is likely to be.

Thus, all these ways helps a human being in recognizing and healing his true self. This healing will thereby make an individual a confident person in himself. He will not be shy to talk to people, as he has nothing to hide. An independent mindset will give a flight to his creativity by enhancing his imagination. Self-healing will motivate a person to give up the negative thoughts in his mind such as frustration and envy. Instead, he will be more concerned in serving humankind. He will be able to overcome his mental and emotional distress and ensure his strength of character.

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