Healthy Living in Higher States of Consciousness

Heal the self for healthy living

Usually the concept of healing for us is related to the process of healing wounds and injuries that we have to face. However, apart from this physical self there is also a hidden self or an inner self that is hurt at times, though the wounds are not apparent. We all have at one point of time or another experienced various negative feelings like betrayal, anger and sadness. It is easy to understand these feelings but difficult to acknowledge them and even more difficult to heal ourselves so that we can forget them. It is usually thought that such feelings are healed gradually with time. This is true but usually the process takes a lot of time and can lead to pessimism. Thus, it is important to get rid of such feelings as soon as possible. This has also been acknowledged by the scientific stream of psychology. For this, many healing practices have been introduced. Though these practices have not been recognized to be scientific in nature as psychology is, they have proved to be a boon for relieving tensions caused by our hectic lifestyle.

The various processes or techniques that we use for Higher States of Consciousness are not new to the human civilization. They have been used and worked upon in many parts of the world especially the oriental world. Here, techniques like yoga, meditation, aromatherapy and Reiki have been used for centuries. In fact, the ancient Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Sri Lankan, Greek and Roman civilizations can be credited for inventing such easy and highly effective techniques. These techniques have been inspired from nature and its resources are used in their respective processes. Continuous practice of these techniques also brings one close to nature ? the greatest source of self-healing. They have been formulated after deep research and study of the human body and psyche. This is the reason why they prove to be so effective even today.

The techniques of Higher States of Consciousness are easy to learn and equally easy to use. They can be practiced at home or at any place whenever a person is free. It is not necessary to go through a training process for learning them. They can be learned through magazines, books or even internet or through classes that are being operated around the world. Unlike aerobics, it is not necessary to have some kind of supervision while practicing them. However, it is necessary to take some precautions when children practice them so that they do not hurt themselves. Certain techniques like Reiki can be learned from a Reiki master only but can be practiced independently. Many centers around the world teach this unique meditative and healing technique.

For healing the negative feelings and the wounds that they have caused, it is first necessary to acknowledge them. This acknowledgement is easy for women who are more emotional and succeed in expressing their inner most feelings.

They can cry to show that they are hurt. However, this is not easy for men, especially since the society considers a crying man to be weak and feminine. This needs to be overcome by men because crying usually is the first step towards Higher States of Consciousness. After this, it becomes easier to use the processes in a better manner. When these techniques are practiced, they help a person in concentrating all his/her senses on the inner self. The person is able to explore all his/her strengths and weaknesses and can thus work upon improving them. By doing this, a person is able to restore and strengthen the good in him/her that forms a positive feeling. The person feels that he/she has infinite strength and can face just any problem. This positive aspect towards him/her selves is further developed into a positive outlook towards life. He/she then perceives problems as stepping stones towards a better future. The hurdles and the process of solving them becomes an act of improving the self and developing into a better human being.

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