Knowledge in Higher States of Consciousness

Healing of the hidden self involves discovering self-knowledge. All of us have a hidden past that buries itself in the threshold of the subliminal mind. Once person discoveries the hidden self, he then can find self-fulfillment. His destiny is discovered and at this time, he cannot let his success leave his presence again.

We should never allow success to conceal in its bareness by achieving its nothingness. We must not plug away at successes wretchedness by keeping incentives alive so that we can push in the direction of the big reward. Employing self-praise we can fulfill our success.

When you do something good, give yourself a reward. By doing so, you can encourage success, thus keeping it alive.

Our knowledge is gained through observation. Of course, we learn from educational materials, parents, and other influences, but what we truly learn is from our observations over the years.

For instance, you may see a light at the end of someone else's tunnel, but fail to see a light at the end of your tunnel. Through observations somewhere in your past, you developed a negative attitude, which is hindering you from seeing your light.

Perhaps you noticed a friend or loved one going through difficult times with few breaks in between. Alternatively, perhaps you have lived a life full of chaos that, through observing what you experienced or what others experienced, thus you developed the negative attitude.

Perhaps your parents told you throughout your life that, "You can't do this, or that." My mother had done this to me, which inspired me to rise above her negative thinking and show her better than tell, I can do anything I put my mind to accomplish. In most instances, people listen to the "I can't," and rarely do they find their way out of negative attitudes that bury itself beneath the threshold of the subliminal mind.

What needs to occur at this point is the process of re-training self. Only you can readjust your attitude so that you see the light at the end of your tunnel. By affirming daily, "Something good is going to happen to me today," you can make things happen. Amazingly, the power of persuasion and the power of the mind can blast you straight into the future, thus leading you to success.

We all have insights that we develop throughout our life. The knowledge we develop comes from awareness, or observational learning. How we perceive things determines how we think.

We must understand the processes of learning to a large degree to work toward Higher States of Consciousness. Our discernments over time become prime ministers of our way of thinking. Our perceptions include our opinions, views, visualizations, senses, experiences and so forth.

For this reason when you venture to discover the hidden self, you must analyze all aspects of the way you think. You must analyze all aspects of your human being as well to find answers that lead you to discovering the hidden self.

The hidden self is buried in your subliminal mind. All throughout your life you had experiences that you gained from observational learning, education, parents, siblings, peers, et cetera and many of this knowledge is buried in the subliminal mind, which is where your unintentional mind resides.

Our self-knowledge is the root of success. Employing your self-knowledge and learning something new each day, you can master any goal you set forth for you. Take some time now to study the methods in subliminal learning so that you can discover your hidden self. Visit the Internet today to learn more.

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