Organization in Healing of the inner self

Many persons are stunned when asked how they perceive their selves. This can seem an odd query to ask someone but is very revealing when we are dealing with the items of self-perception, self-development and the healing of the inner self. There are persons that will deal with this question by the listing out of traits about themselves that they may like. Few will mention the things they do not like about themselves to others. There is an order in the way that we look at ourselves and when this is not arranged properly then we are in some serious need for inner healing. The harmony of how we perceive ourselves is related to the way that we act in many situations even though we may not realize this and this means that in order to move forward in life we have to be well balanced in our self perceptions and heal our inner demons.

We maintain many perceptions of the inner self in the mind. These are reflective of our personal existence and they are interconnected with many others. The personality will project these procedures to the outside world. This personality may not be our actual true self but the way that our actions and reactions are interpreted will be the way that we are thought about. We all react in a particular organized fashion to many incidents even though we may not realize this and all this is linked to the experiences that have shaped our existence. Our self-perception is often quite rigid and the effort to heal this inner part of ourselves is often needed to change.

We often internalize and adopt many traits that become stable and consistent in our attitudes. We will resist any need to change from these core principles and will be tempted to stick to them regardless of the situation at hand and the alterations in the situations as we grow and develop. Though not always a bad thing to do, this can hold us back in many situations. The need to heal and move past some of the experiences that we faced in life is necessary on the journey to inner healing and self-development. We have to learn when to bend and when to stand strong.

Some stability in our core principles is good but we must be open to change of the right kind and change that can have positive influences in our lives. If we hold an experience in mind and say that, we went through that before and we are not going down that road again we may miss the prize at the end of this new situation. It is therefore crucial that we are able to distinguish good change from bad change and that we are aware that sometimes the core principles that we have developed have to change and develop as we change and develop in life.

It is true that some of the bad experiences that we face in life become lessons that we learn from and that develop into centralized beliefs that are ingrained into us. We will therefore have to be prepared for a fight in the healing process to get over these conflicts and approach them in a new way in new situations. We must continually tweak the beliefs that we internalize and ensure that they are not holding us back in life. We have to heal our inner self and have the proper mindset to achieve change.

How we analyze and view past events and present perceptions will shape future ones and with inner healing, we will be able to move past, past hurts and pains and achieve fresh perspective on many situations.

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