Listen in Healing Hidden Self

Listen to your inner call.........

What do you want from life, big house, cars, money, fame and love? You have all these things in your life and then also you are not happy. Have you ever thought about yourself in a true sense? Do not ask this question from others but ask your inner self. You will realize why you are missing that real joy of life.

Everybody has different view about their life but there are some people who are living in dilemma. As they do not know what is their philosophy of life. Before understanding the life philosophy one should learn about themselves. Then only one can understand the real worth of life. It is very important to discover what we want from our life and to hear the call of our conscious.

The only way to learn about our self is by self-realization. You don't need anything or anybody to search the self inside you. Be your teacher and guide yourself the true path of life. Listen to the music of your heart and inner self. This way you will get the real meaning to your live. Discovering yourself is the most precious gift one can give to himself. As this way, we understand the purpose of our lives.

One should not waste his time in fulfilling others dream but their aim should be the understanding their own worth. Realize your talent and skill and try to utilize it to fullest. Magic's will never happen but one can make wonders to his life by his own efforts.

Life is all about moving and to turn your dreams into reality. But we have made our life as hell because we are just dragging not living it. To fulfill all our dreams we need right guidance and that guidance is to be given by us only.

The way you nourish your body in a same way you need to nourish your inner conscious. The best medicine one can give to himself is positive thinking. It is very well said that good thinking means happy living. To do any type of work we need the right attitude. From preparing for small exams to be a big enterprise one need to have positive thinking. Encourage yourself that you can do it never lose hope. If you win, it's great but if you loose then don't loose heart. Negative thinking is your worst enemy. To achieve success one need 70% of right approach and confidence and 30% of skill. So change your approach towards life.

If one wants to listen the call of the inner self then he needs to understand his feelings. The mind of human being is free and it can think in any direction. Self-discovery will not only help in improving our emotional level but also help us to make our self physically strong.

Our soul, mind and our body work together. So it is very important to maintain balance in them. Listen to motivation audio tapes, and read good quality books. Also, develop healthy relationships. Strengthen yourself, and communicate with others. Engage your self in imaginative work, motivate your self, and be more calm and patient. Try to make your life more creative, make a proper stability between professional and personal life, go for parties and outing with friends, be more open and expressive with parents, write about your feelings (express your life's journey), practice yoga, help others, make your life more controlled, distinguish between ideals, wants and requirements.

So take some time for you and heal your hidden self. Healing yourself is the best remedy to improve your life. You will become strong in thoughts that even impossible seems possible to you.

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