Importance of Healing Hidden Self

Importance of inner self

Divorce rates are increasing all over the world, everyone is suffering from some disease or another, world is witnessing violent clashes every now and then. The reason behind such disturbing fact is man himself. In his pursuit to amass wealth, he has left his inner self-way behind. He is so busy in trivial of life that he has forgotten the larger meaning of life. Life is much more than increasing bank balance, having designer wears and possessing the latest gizmos.

It is because of his ignorance of true meaning of life that he does not have peace of mind. No amount of money or success in the world can provide you with serenity and calmness of mind. What is the benefit of his success if he cannot sleep without taking pills or spent time with his family? An individual today has lost his way; he is moving too fast to know the direction of his movement.

Even if he is moving in right direction, he does not stop to rest. After all, a car that does not stop for fueling during its journey will never be able to reach its destination. It is of utmost significance that man in his journey of life stops to energize himself and prepare himself better for the journey ahead.

An individual today is always stressed and burned out. His life revolves around clock; he wants to be present at many places at once. He has many duties but not enough time to fulfill them. Because of his multiple responsibilities, he seems to have forgotten the most important person of his life- he himself. He may have the latest mobile phone and is available to anybody and everybody at anytime of the day but not himself. He is too occupied in communicating with the outside world that he has no time for himself.

The increase in stress related diseases, depression and other physical problems are an indicator of spiritual deficiency in man. The problems are not limited to a particular age group; young, old and even school going kids suffer from depression. An individual seems to compensate his depression by investing in expensive dresses and acquiring latest technology.

What needs to be done is to find time to interact with your inner self. Some simple changes performed can make a significant contribution to your life. The most important is spending time with yourself everyday, spent 10 minutes both in the morning and evening communicating with yourself. You can choose a quite place at your home and spent that time there. The time spent in the morning will help you prioritize your schedule and ultimately help in effective time management. Your workload is not to reduce but prioritizing them will help you focus better and give improved results. Stress is like a puncture in your bi-cycle that leaks out the gas and deprives us of our energy; as a result, we are always tired and fatigued. It is important that you do the task that gives you utmost satisfaction and not choose a task that is valued socially. It is quite possible that socially valued work may not give you happiness. Inner self is the voice of god and acts as a lighthouse to our decisions. Follow what your self says; it is sure to give you long lasting happiness.

Think positively. Positive thoughts create a healthy aura around you. It keeps you physically fit and allows you to smile and enjoy life under any circumstances. Include green vegetables and fruits in your diet; it keeps your body energized and chemical free. Listen to music incase of stress, it relaxes your mind. These above given techniques will increase your happiness quotient, so begin early.

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