Communication With Source: Using Up Bridges, Trivedi’s Cough, 2012 Dividing Line

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Connecting to Source on the 3rd Level really does feel like going home. Even though there is nothing to see there... but there is definitely a presence, and that presence knows you are there. It knows you personally. It knows you.

Today I had a lot of issues: Trivedi, associating with people who don't agree with me, being on the right path, and how I am going to accomplish that people do the work.

Heavy issues. I will share some of the conversations, just to give you a taste of how it goes:

Trivedi. I have been a recipient of the Sunday energies of Trivedi and Gopal for about six months now. I signed on for six months in June, and the six months have ended. But I decided to stay on for another six months: it is working for me. I have discussed it with Source, and it agreed.

This time a different issue came up: Trivedi has a bad cough. Really bad. He needs to clear his throat for a long time before he can even talk. I found it appalling, but then I took a hold of myself and looked at it as a "healer."

What if the Bach Energies could work for Trivedi? I tested myself what remedies Trivedi needs, and then went to Source to see if sending those energies is compliant with the "Free Will" rule. It wasn't. But there was a way: I can pray to Source to give those exact energies to Trivedi, once a day. In fact I got permission to call them Trivedi Energy, meaning Bach Energies specifically meant for Trivedi with his bad cough.

My feeling that next time I hear him, two weeks from now, I'll be able to tell the difference. Great test, don't you think?

I forgot to say that the conversation goes like this: I ask a question and get a yes of no answer, or no answer. Kinestetically. Source moves my head to nod or the shake my head. I am not doing it, it is happening often in spite of my preferences, darn. lol.

I, for example, would have preferred to just say: "Creator of all that is, I command that you give these energies to Trivedi..." But I got a no answer to that. The proper attitude is "Creator of all that is, I pray that you give these energies to Trivedi so he can get well. Thank you."

I don't like to pray. I grew up an atheist and praying wasn't something we looked well upon. Oh well, I am willing to change.

The second thing I asked is if I should just break ties with people who

Communication With Source: Using Up Bridges, Trivedi's Cough, 2012 Dividing Line

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