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The Foundational Program To Raise Your Vibration To 200


  1. The HOE long range, or the Heaven on Earth remedy will help you be with the feelings that you feel, like a safety net. The HOE allows you to feel and let go... you won't suppress, you won't resist, and you won't hold onto any feeling. Feel what you feel and be done with it.
  2. The Harmonize your vibration will energetically take you through the journey through memory lane: you may be able to take this trip without much conscious effort.
  3. The Unconditional Love Activator Sleepy Time version will remove the false, society built foundation for your life, feeling wrong, insufficient, unlovable, stupid, a misfit.
  4. The Water Energizer will start to change your body chemistry, so your cravings, addictions, edginess, aches and pains will ease or disappear, gently, almost imperceptibly... the Energized Water will wash them away.
  5. And the Path Coaching, your precious 10-15 minutes with me weekly, will help you make sense of what's happening to you...

Get a package deal: you can get each piece or you can get all five, your choice.

The pieces are synergistic, meaning that used correctly they are guaranteed to take you to the respectable vibration of 200... Only 1% of humanity vibrates on that level. Most of your teachers are below that!

If you already have some of these pieces, please email me for a package deal

prepaid: $155

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